Workshop for Evolving Or Re-validating
Revising Corporate / Entrepreneurial Vision

To decide diversification, divestment, business policies, for ‘energising’ organisation ,
providing stability to business in flux

       Vision, as conceived by us, is more vital than even the strategy and its components like environmental and competitive advantages in determining the future, and success or failure of organisations. Strategy making exercise is fruitless unless it begins with a clearly stated vision. While your business strategy, goals and portfolio change and should change with the time and situation, vision alone remains more or less constant, providing some stability to the business in flux. But to have valid vision is crucial

Workshop and its Benefits

The end result of the workshop is development of the vision which is actionable, found personally meaningful and inspiring by promoters or top management, and is condensed in a vision statement which is vivid, imaginative and spurs action in the direction of envisioned future. It acts as guide-lines to:

  1. Demarcating the areas for diversification, which in your case promise maximum prospects of success, and those to be considered ‘closed’, being incompatible with vision So with divestment.

  2. Providing clear guide-lines for business policies and even every day operations, e.g., whether to opt for operational efficiency to reach out maximum number of customers, or product leadership and produce highest quality products. It determines the value standards for business decision and the priorities attached to employees, share holders, investors, customers.

  3. Providing the vivid picture of envisioned future, there-by ‘energizing’ the organisation to achieve it.

  4. Vision helps achieve personal fulfillment and self-actualization thru business.

  5. Being more or less constant in nature, vision provides stability to business environment in flux. That is why it is must to have a good, re-validated vision in place in times of doubt and turmoil

The participants must include Chief Executive / Promoter(s) and his Executive Management team. The workshop would normally have the duration of 2/3 half days/ evenings. It ends with adopting a vision statement and chalking out a program for its penetration down up to junior management.

Dr. H.K.Shivdasani
Founder and Chief Mentor: the LENS

Contacts: Cell : 98707 19100 Land:022-22845725  Postal:86, Maker Arcade, Cuff Parade, Mumbai - 400 005.

Over 30 years consulting (starting as IIM-A faculty) with top MNCs,
Indian COs, Centre & State Govts.


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