Leading and Mentoring People
for Enhanced Performance and Relationships

A proven, high impact program for middle / senior management

Improving performance and supportive relationships for sustainable competitive advantage.


Half-day (4 hrs.) program to enhance capabilities of:

                (a) keeping subordinates / team inspired for higher performance,
               through everyday interactions (b) mentoring (c) post – appraisal
              counseling, i.e.,communicating without de-motivating (d)
              supportive relationship not only with subordinates, but also with
              colleagues at lateral levels, and even with friends, spouse and
              members of family.

The performance of organization, and its departments, the loyalty of its members and the satisfaction they derive from belonging to organization, greatly depends on the way its people are lead and inspired by their superiors. In a way, every time superior interacts with the subordinate, whether for a minute or hours, he makes or mars his motivation to perform, at least to some extent.

First phase of the program illustrates how a superior can establish and develop relationship with the subordinates / team so as to be seen as trustworthy, and genuinely interested in their growth and welfare. Establishing relationship based on trust is the first condition for inspiring or developing people

Second phase, focuses on Practical Strategies of Developing People: hands- on set of practical techniques to lead people for higher performance, through day to day inter-actions with them in their work life.

Program of Leading, Inspiring and Developing People for enhancing their performance covers two areas: creating trusting and inspiring relationships, learning strategies of developing them.

This is a half day (about four hours) program, that demonstratedly achieves its stated objectives , and can accommodate between 8 to 18 participants at middle / senior level ( any one who has to supervise between 2 to any large number of people)

Objective of the program is thus to realize more performance, help leaders become more effective, transform managers into leaders, while on personal front become happier spouses, parents, friends and colleagues.

Dr. H.K.Shivdasani
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