Assessment for CEO / Group CEO Leadership

The assessment of person’s compatibility for these positions of CEO or Chief of Group Companies, whether of a candidate from within or outside, is made through a ‘Clinical Interview’, which is non-directive, non-judgmental, client-oriented. It is long drawn interview usually lasting two half-days (of say 4/5 hours each day), but at times three or one day, depending on the nature of respondent. The interviewing sessions are organised in a club, or in a quiet secluded corner of a restaurant, or at any quiet place, but never in office. Clinical interviews, deploying the principles of psycho-analysis / psychotherapy (author being trained psycho-analyst) to real-life business or corporate situations, trace the development history of the client’s both personal and professional life from earliest days till the day to unearth the following:


Recurring themes, i.e., going thru same experiences with same outcome, to understand enduring driving forces which will keep surfacing

Other deeper drives that propel him/her; his unfulfilled aspiration s

Life goals and their relationship or compatibility with roles sought in the organisation

Other facets of personal and family life and their interface with organisational goals

His self-images: their manifestations or the way they are acted out in personal and work environment.

Underlying causes of earlier successes and failures: relating them with his drives / capabilities, circumstances that prevailed and his reactions to them.

His ego functioning and resilience His current style of leadership / people relationships; comparing with organisational culture

The assessment of CEO/ Group CEO aims at:

developing insight into the likely impact he would make on the people and profits, his mode of leading the organisation, the speed at which he would drive the organisation, direction in which he is likely to drive it, culture he is likely to create, and in turn the impact which organisation would have on him, on his feeling adjusted or not, and whether it advances his personal goals and thereby his possible tenure, and the legacy he would leave behind with its implications.

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