Leadership At The Top

High end, crème de la crème program of penetrating insight
for realizing full leadership potential and sense of personal fulfillment

3-days program on Dynamics of Leadership Success for top / senior management

(Also available as one-on-one private consultative sessions)

Good leadership program provides opportunity to share leadership experiences and also one-on-one private consultation with coach to achieve exalted organisational leadership, self identity and actualization.

Outcome: This is a truly unique, highly innovative program designed for long lasting impact on professional CEOs, family business Promoters and Entrepreneurs, SBU and Functional Heads, and Sr. Bureaucrats, to help them achieve higher organizational performance and also a sense of personal fulfillment or self-actualization as leaders. It will focus on developing deep insight into one’s ‘inner’ self and underlying dynamics of leadership style. Even more importantly, it will assist them in identifying and synergizing life goals with leadership role, as lack of congruence between the two, impedes promotion of both. It also compares successful and not so successful leaders in their driving forces, the perception of people and the situations, the decision making process. The self insight generated will lead to evolving personalized program of self- modification, helping the participants to set free from the less productive past behavioural patterns and move to more effective ones. A leader, we believe, begins with changing himself before taking on to changing others and the organizations. The program aims at achiveing exalted leadership, taking the organisation to pinnacle and self-acutalization of the leader.


Succeeding as catalyst of change: last phase, will deal with (a) personal change, i.e. inspiring, leading, mentoring people for higher performance (b) organizational change and strategies of successfully introducing new systems/ practices in the organisation.

Program deploys presentation of thoughts, introspection, exercises, one-on-one consultation with Resource Person, round-table, feedback, for achieving sustainable superior leadership, and self-identity.

Venue: Away from work place, as decided by client

Dr. H.K.Shivdasani
Founder and Chief Mentor: shivdasani's LENS

Some Options

  1. After the program, participant/s, if desired, could continue confidential one-on-one consultation till satisfied with their leadership and attainment of personal fulfillment, for separate fee.

  2. Program also available as one-on- one sessions

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Over 30 years consulting (starting as IIM-A faculty) with top MNCs, Indian COs, Centre & State Govts.

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