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Published Paper of Dr. H.K.Shivdasani

(In Strategic Management, Marketing, HRD and Psychology/ pure research)

Strategic Management & Mega Environment

  1. Mega Environmental Trends in Management (Times of India)
  2. ‘Vision’ Is Self – Actualisation Through Business (Economic Times)
  3. Socio-Psychological Implication of (First Reforms) Budget- (Times of India)
  4. Management In New Millennium (Economic Times)
  5. Strategic Management And Corporate Development (Economic Times)
  6. Appointment Of Independent Directors (Economic Times)
  7. The Future Of Strategy (Business Standard)



  1. Role – analysis for Training And Manpower Planning(Economic Times)
  2. Worker Satisfaction, Productivity and Work-Group Systems ( Personnel Jr. USA)
  3. Enhancing Work Satisfaction And Productivity Through Work-Group System (Indian Management)
  4. Employee  Motivation In Banking Industry (Economic Times)
  5. Practice Of Consultancy (with Special Reference To Human Relations Consultancy)(Executive : Journal of IIMA)
  6. Four Practical ways Of Developing Managers (Times of India)
  7. Twelve Ways Of Motivating Managers (Times of India)
  8. Creating And Managing Tension –free  Organisations (Times of India)
  9. Sixteen Golden Rules For Selection Interviewing (Afternoon)
  10. Teach Management At High School Level (Jr. Of  ISTD)
  11. Performances and Potential Evaluation through Assess.Centre Service (Eco. Times)



  1. Market Segmentation And Product Strategy (Economic Times)
  2. Price – Perceived Quality Relationship (Indian Management)
  3. Product Manager System (Economic Times)
  4. Social And Economic Implication Of Advertising (Financial Express)
  5. Many Facets Of Consumer Marketing (Economic Times)
  6. Effective Use Of Marketing Research In Marketing Planning (Economic Times)
  7. Without Research, Ad –Men Walk On Eggs(Vidura)

Psychology / Applied Psychology

  1. Construct of N-Dependence : Bi-Dimensional Dependence Proneness in Work Organisation  (Psychological Reports, USA)   
  2. Rorschach Hostility Content: And Its Relationship with Various Forms of Aggression-Hostility. (Psychological Studies)
  3. Dependence Proneness In Work Organisation (Indian Jr. Of Industrial Relations)
  4. Anxiety, Insecurity and Religiosity (Indian Jr. Of psychology)
  5. Using Learning Psychology In Advertising Scheduling (Economic Times)

  1. Are Wars Inevitable? Is man destined to destroy myself? (DNA)
  2. Money: Its Role and True Meaning in Life (DNA)
  3. Work-Life. Balance is Humbug (DNA)


Have authored a book titled ‘DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE ORGANISATIONS’ (published by IBH)

About to complete two others on: Vision, Strategy, Leadership, and Management of change, and on Life Strategies and Skills

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