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EVERY entrepreneur, CEO/ organizational leader, or astute professional hoping soon to arrive there, and worthy of such a title, aspires for exalted leadership success, ALONG with personal fame, contentment, and self-realization. My approach is designed to help (a) CEOs and entrepreneurs to advance leadership success with holistic personal fulfillment, and (b) to accelerate ascent of V.Ps / directors with the potential for the top position

MY ‘UNDER THE SKIN APPROACH’, conceives leadership as powerful innate drive to take the responsibilities of changing the directions of developments or events to deliver results. The strategies and decisions of the leader, though apparently rational, are all coloured by his ‘inner’ needs or driving forces, his life goals and fantasies, though he is generally not aware of them. One of my objectives is to facilitate the client to develop insight within his inner self, separating external and internal forces, bringing about mature objectivity in strategy and decision making. The other important facet of this leader development process is identifying and synergizing his life goals and his leadership role, as incongruence in two impedes achievement of both. The self-insight and objectivity gained leads not only to higher leadership effectiveness, but also to better personal adjustment and relationships, by replacing earlier unproductive behaviour patterns with more productive ones. Similarly, harnessing of the identified unique driving forces within and the innate capabilities leads to achieving sense of personal fulfillment, joy, and realization of full potential

The end result of this leadership development process is enhanced relationship with subordinates, superiors and at lateral levels, better decision making process, and exalted organisational / leadership success, attaining one’s unique position in society, and the holistic self-realization

PROCEDURE: normally, it would take anywhere between say 5 to 8 sessions of about one and half hours each, with gap of few days between the sessions.


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harish shivdassani
Author: Leadership, Fame and Self-actualization

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Professional Profile

After working as a faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad for some time, Harish Shivdasani has been operating his  firm  shivdasani's LENS (earlier MHB Counsel), which has offered consulting and coaching at highest level to Governments and large number of MNCs in country

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Few of his about 100 consulting assignments that produced exceptional results for clients include:

Strategic management and HR: select assignments:

(a) acted as consultant to Prime Minister/ Office (while at IIM A) when he was just 30 years in age, to suggest re-structuring of banking sector(18 banks) and developing 1000s of managers in short time;
(b) appointed by Governor Dr.Rangrajan as consultant to R.B.I to improving performance and career track of 7000 Officers;
(c) developed concept paper of famed Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India for Gujarat Govt.
(d) has carried out assignments in the areas of strategy, re-structuring, change, competency assessment and development, etc also for renowned MNCs and Indian houses.
(e) has done search / selection of about 1000 executives, including of CEOs

Marketing Audit and Strategy: vast number of assignments with MNCs in:

(a) product policies, brand management, new product development and diversification (e.g., was assigned by Unilever to suggest diversification which was implemented with excellent results; developed a hugely successful brand Four Square Kings, etc);
(b) enlarging existing or frozen market (e.g. re-vitalised stagnant Dettol manifold by introducing soap form; re- vitalized frozen markets of glucose, custard; growth of Cadbury’s chocolates from 4% to 20% p.a., with advertising theme winning‘campaign of the year’ award);
(c) evolved widely known advertising/ promotion campaign (e.g Vicks Cough Drops,‘Live Life King Size’ theme)

Management Development Programs: Has conducted large number of Management Development Programs for CEOs and middle management, e.g.: Leadership and Management of Change (for top management/ bureaucrats); Leading and Inspiring People for Higher Performance (for middle/senior management); Brand Strategies, Life Strategies and Skills (a program for astute professionals)

Publications: Dr. Shivdasani, a clinical psychologist /therapist and a management consultant, has authored scores of articles in top-line papers like Times of India, Economic Times etc and original scientific research (published in technical journals here and abroad), and a book Developing Effective Organisations and is about to complete two others on Vision and Strategies of Leaders and Entrepreneurs, and on, Mentoring and Developing People for Higher Performance and Strengthening Relations.

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Mobile: +91-98707 19100
 Postal: 52, Satya Bhavan, Opposite. 4th Pasta Lane,
                Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005

Over 30 years consulting (starting as IIM-A faculty)with top MNCs, Indian COs, Centre & State Govts.

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